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May 30, 2010

Classroom Deathmatch

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Now available!

Kidnapped by the government and transported to a mysterious battleground, 50 high school students are forced to fight to the death in a brutal televised contest called Classroom Deathmatch!

From the creators of Panty Explosion comes the Indie RPG Award winning role playing game inspired by the controversial novel Battle Royale . A game of trust, friendship, murder and betrayal.

Welcome to Classroom Deathmatch!

Classroom Deathmatch is available in two formats, for sale as a 72 page perfect-bound game book  or as a PDF.

Rated Teen

– Narration fueled story gaming that rewards creativity and encourages input from all players!

– 50 pre-made characters. If your student dies, simply pick a new one!

– 100 deadly weapons to choose from, including bear traps, poisonous snakes and grenade launchers!

– 3 pre-made battlegrounds, each with unique dangers and escape routes!

– Brutal, fast paced play designed for 1-4 sessions.

For 4 or more players.

– Fully illustrated!

– 71 pages, black and white

$16 book or $10 PDF at the CelStyle store!

– Download the free Student Record Character Pack

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