G x B ( Girl X Boy)

Now available!

Momoko is a shy freshman at Atarashi high school, eager to fall in love for the first time. But who will she choose? The smart boy? The dangerous boy? The class president? Guide Momoko through three dates and help her choose the perfect boy (or girl) to be her first love in this story based dating game from the designer of Panty Explosion, with art by Heather Aplington!
- 4 ready to play characters, making getting started super easy!
- Dating sim style play, including love confessions, dialogue choices and more!
- Includes special instructional manga pages that help teach you how to play!
- Bonus instruction cards for for each player!
-Full color illustrations and manga by artist Heather Aplington!
-4 or more players!
- 24 full color pages.

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